Theme 4. Transdisciplinarity of systems sciences and cybernetics: developing areas of knowledge

Theme 4 Topics and Sections

Learning, Teaching and Education

1. Redesigning the Education System (Jose Perez-Rios, Spain; Alfonso Reyes, Colombia; Aleksandr Kovriga, Russia)

2. System engineering and the future of education: sociocultural aspects (Nadezda Bagdasaryan, Russia; Armin Grunwald, Germany)

3. Systems science, cybernetics and art (Tom Scholte, Canada; Alexander Koblyakov, Russia; Clive Holtham, UK)

Health, Healthcare and Medicine

4. Developments in medicine: Opportunities for cybernetics (Vyacheslav Moiseev, Russia; Christian Pristipino, Italia)

5. A Cure for the Health Systems: transdisciplinarity in the modelling to improve health activities (Marialuisa Saviano, Italy; Igor Alekseevich Gundarov, Russia)

Business and Economy

6. Global impact of investment and entrepreneurship ecosystem (Jose Rodolfo Hernandez-Carrion, Spain; Anton Zur, Russia)

7. Advancing systems economics and economic cybernetics: A Look into the Future (George Kleiner, Russia; Vojko Potocan, Slovenia)

Hospitality and Tourism

8. CyberSystemics in tourism and hospitality services: experiences to share and lessons to be learned (Bistra Vassileva, Bulgaria; Roberto Moreno-Diaz, Spain; Sonja Sibila Lebe, Slovenia; Shalaev Vladimir Pavlovich, Russia)

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