Theme 2. The cybernetics of society, ecology and governance

Theme 2 Sections

  1. Governance of pressing global policy issues in the age of the Anthropocene (Ray Ison, Australia; Sandro Schlindwein, Brazil; Igor F. Kefeli, Russia)

  2. Social and economic transformations: simulation and anticipatory models of a CyberSystemic world (Sergio Barile, Italy; Sergey Malkov, Russia; Alberto De Toni, Italy; Marialuisa Saviano, Italy)

  3. Cultural context of Today's Systems (Bernard Scott, UK; Tatiana Medvedeva, Russia)

  4. Electronic democracy and digital self-organisation tools (Boris Slavin, Russia; Igor Perko, Slovenia)

  5. Consequences of the digital age; technology fuelled threats to people, systems and societies, the risks of a surveillance capitalism (Anatoliy Smirnov, Russia; Allenna Leonard, USA; Vladimir Budanov, Russia)

  6. The Westphalian Paradox; Global Governance and Sustainability (German Bula, Colombia, Clas-Otto Wene, Sweden, Raul Espejo, UK ) (Round Table)

  7. Self-organization and distributed control: theory and practice (Georgiy Malinetskiy, Russia; Angela Espinosa, UK)

  8. Citizenship and democracy (Zoraida Mendiwelso Bendek, UK; Matjaz Mulej, Slovenia)

  9. Organizing Society for the 21st Century. Is Democracy the Right Model? (Alexandre Perez Casares, Spain) (Round Table)

  10. Innovation, change, creativity and organisation. Quo vadis in the 21st Century? (Marcello Martinez, Italy; Primiano Di Nauta, Italy; Denis Zhurenkov, Russia; Anton Saveliev, Russia)

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