4.7 Advancing systems economics and economic cybernetics:
A Look into the Future

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   This session should discuss, from a cyber-systemic perspective, the contours of the new economic and social theories that meet the challenges of the 21st century, the tasks of optimizing the functioning and development of socio-economic systems, to the transition into the balanced and sustainable and socially responsible development of national economies in a multipolar world. We expect that special attention will be paid to issues of harmonization of the interaction of economic objects, self-organization, self-developing environments, intertwining business processes, commercial and non-commercial social and economic projects. This session is intended to provide from an organizational and complexity perspectives the symbiosis of individuals, institutions, innovations, and information technology.


Discussion points

  • development of hard, soft, and integrative Systems and Cybernetics theories, methodologies and approaches;

  • open issues of cyber-systemic study of flexibility, ergodic, openness and dynamics of organizations; 

  • dilemmas about cyber-systemic study of systems thinking/theory/behavior, interdisciplinary knowledge, and transdisciplinary nature of organizations; 

  • further trends of cyber-systemic study of human, social, organizational, technological and sustainable aspects of society and their interdependencies;

  • cyber-systemic study of ecosystems, society, organizations, businesses and human behavior.

  • cyber-systemic contribution in current development trends of organizations and society - like Innovative society, Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 and Socially responsible society.