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3.10 Interdisciplinary applications of physics in economical
and human sciences

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   History of physics reveals numerous attempts to apply the novel physical methods to social behavior of humans founding new economical and social laws. In the second part of XX century, physics of complex systems did reach the level of complexity comparable with human-involving phenomena. This section will encompass modern applications of interdisciplinary physics in social engineering and human sciences including, but not restricted to, the following discussion points.


Discussion points

  • Stochastic physical modeling in Economical and Social Sciences,

  • Econophysics and models of behavioral economy

  • Quantum-like modeling of cognition and decision making,

  • Control in economical and social systems,

  • Control of traffic and pedestrians flows,

  • Physical modeling in Political Sciences,

  • Complex Networks and processes therein,

  • Distributed Intelligence of multi-agent systems

  • Computer Sciences in interdisciplinary studies

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