1.7 The psychology of socio-technical systems management under conditions of new technologies adoption and preventing global risks

Discussion points
  • What are the social and psychological consequences of new technologies adoption in the everyday life?

  • What are psychological aspects of human interaction with robots and Artificial Intelligence systems?

  • Which socio-psychological and discursive mechanisms contribute to the development of network communities?

  • How the Internet space allows one to coordinate the thoughts and behavior of a large number of people force them in a certain direction?

  • What is a psychological nature of the management of global processes and communities?

  • What are social and psychological mechanisms that affect our attitudes to global risks (e.g. climate change, nuclear threat, unexpected consequences of new technologies development, etc.)?

Anatoly Zhuravlev
Timofei Nestik
Ruben V. Aghuzumtsyan
Frank Stowell
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