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1.6 From conflict to harmony of civilizations (systemic approach and models of civilizational development)

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   XXI century brings new challenges and threats to Humanity. As the old mechanisms of political and economic relationships are being demolished, the new global problems are on the rise. The stratification between the poor and the rich is increasing, as well as extremist and terrorist activity. The world is facing, unregulated migration flows, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional conflicts, and the use of science for dangerous, inhumane manipulations. In this regard, we must discuss the prospects of the humanitarian and technological revolution as a viable option to overcome this man-made crisis.

  What we are experiencing today is the dawn of a new era of multipolar and multi-civilizational world, moving forward from the model of conflicting existence to the model of dialog and harmony. As scientists, we must focus our attention on this process and try to analyze it from philosophical, methodological and systemic points of view. Our task is of most importance – to study current and emerging civilizational projects, using systems approach and cybernetics, to envision them as super-complex systemic social and cultural phenomena, which can create meta-civilizational entities.


Discussion points

  • Humanity today: Conflict or Harmony of Civilizations?

  • The crisis of technogenic civilization

  • Creating a multi-civilizational world: philosophical and methodological foundations

  • Civilization as a highly complex systemic social and cultural entity

  • The problem of human subjectivity, a systems approach to the assembly of subjects of civilizational development

  • How can the project of civilizational development, based on the system approach and cybernetics, look like?

  • Humanitarian and technological revolution as an alternative for overcoming the crisis of technogenic civilization

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