4.8 CyberSystemics in tourism and hospitality services: experiences to share and lessons to be learned

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   Tourism and hospitality – one of the biggest sectors of the global economy – require a different business and marketing approach than industries based on production: they are based on SDL (service-based logic). More accurately, on co-creation of services, which can only be perceived as satisfactory for tourists when all links in the value chain within the package and within the visited destination are functioning as a well-interlinked super system.

   This session will focus on the complexity of hospitality and tourism services, and on knowledge and skills required to coordinate and interlink all the flowing subsystems by using the concepts of system dynamics and cybernetics. Special emphasis will be given to shedding light on the systemic view of the interactions between the triple bottom line elements (people, planet, profit) as the basis for their sustainable development, and the three major systems interacting within each tourism destination (local population, tourists, suppliers).


Discussion points

  • Examples of different approaches to tourism and hospitality services

  • Developing models of tourism services as open complex systems, explaining the relations and interdependencies of their elements,

  • The proposals of systems solutions for strategic decision-making and developing various models in frame of CyberSystemics in the tourism and hospitality sector,

  • Other suggestions that stick to the CyberSystemics topic within this economy sector.