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WOSC 2020 Committees





 Strategic Committee

 Programme Committee


 Theme co-coordinators

1. Philosophical and methodological 
foundations for the development 
of the systems approach and cybernetics

2. The cybernetics of society, 
ecology and governance

3. Technology and humanity: 
co-developing a hybrid reality

4. Learning in Systems Sciences and 
Cybernetics: developing areas 
of knowledge


 Organisational Committee

  • Vladimir Lepskiy (Russia) -- co-chair

  • Mikhail Goubko (Russia) -- co-chair

  • Igor Perko (Slovenia) -- international coordinator

  • Valentin Lebedev (Russia)

  • Zinaida Avdeeva (Russia)

  • Larisa Izotova (Russia)

  • Yuri Slovokhotov (Russia)

  • Serjey Kornienko (Russia)

  • Vera Mizyakina (Russia)

  • Ekaterina Mizyakina (Russia)

  • Marina Pyatnitskaya (Russia)

  • Anton Salnikov (Russia)

  • Irina Tatevosyan (Russia)

  • Tatyana Shurshina (Russia)

  • Denis Zhurenkov (Russia)

  • Anton Saveliev (Russia)

  • Inga Yatsenko (Russia)

  • Yelena Trushkova (Russia)

  • Igor Lobanov (Russia)

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