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1.7 System Dynamics

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As new challenges emerge, it is increasingly important to have a systemic understanding of their effects and unknown risks to societies, infrastructure, business, economies, and governments. The speed and magnitude of these changes make management of emerging risks increasingly difficult.

In 2020 we call for research and applications that improve our understanding of how we cope with these challenges by applying Resilience and Sustainability in a Changing World. Resilient systems are those that are able to adapt and perform to shocks and disruptions. Sustainable systems are those that are managed to be resilient to expected demands. Inherent to both concepts is negative feedback, which dampens the effect of shocks and changes of the system. Resilience and sustainability principles are gaining recognition in a variety of disciplines. Improving our understanding of how we can better operate in this changing world is key to our success.

We welcome all research and documented consulting activities in System Dynamics including: applications, technical developments, software developments, and integration with other modelling and simulation techniques. We do also encourage submissions related to methodological aspects of system dynamics (i.e.: the construction of relations) and its future developments (i.e.: hybridization of simulation technologies, the combination of AI and big data to modelling and simulation processes, etc.). We particularly encourage submissions from a cross-section of disciplines and domains of practice that expand our understanding of resilience and sustainability principles.

Discussion points
  • Development reports and applications,

  • Technical and software developments,

  • Integration with other modelling and simulation techniques.

  • Methodological aspects of system dynamics

  • Future developments proposals

  • Hybridization of simulation technologies,

  • Combination of AI and big data to modelling and simulation processes

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