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1.3 Methodological developments for systems thinking. Quantum modelling: from concept to construct

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Modelling at WOSC2017 showed an emerging field important to follow up at WOSC2020. The expression “from concept to construct” indicates the process from the emergence of new insights from applying quantum concepts and theory to macro-phenomena outside of physics and proceeding to the empirical imperative. i.e., testing modelling results against observations/measurement and designing new processes, products and services based on the quantum findings. The macro-phenomena are found in most areas of human activity, such as economics, organisations and social interaction, psychology, artificial intelligence, human language, cognition, information retrieval, biology, political science. Classical quantum theory issues may appear in new disguise, for instance the measurement problem can be rephrased as “the meaning of observation/measurement in an operationally closed system”.

Quantum modelling gained new drive with the development of quantum computers. Now we propose to further the potentials of the quantum realm. It is important not to accept the limitations provided by the early notations of quantum computer modelling, but to adapt the quantum models to our needs in a systemic world.

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