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@2020 WOSC

Theme 3. Technology and humanity: co-developing a hybrid reality

Theme 3 Topics

  1. Socio-humanitarian Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies (Aleksander Raikov, Russia; Massimiliano Pirani, Italia) (Round Table)

  2. Robotics: digital is becoming real (Jerzy Jozefczyk, Poland; Viktor Glazunov, Russia)

  3. From smart devices to intelligent environments (Igor Perko, Slovenia; Igor Sheremet, Russia)

  4. Distributed knowledge and information asymmetry: the role of smart technology and digital revolution (Francesco Caputo, Italy; Peter Ototsky, Russia)

  5. The evolution of humanity and the development of advanced digital planning systems (Alexander Ageev, Russia; Christoph Stuckelberger, Switzerland)

  6. Information security issues and technology: network technologies for strategic social control and global security (Alexander Zatsarinnyy, Russia; Teodora Ivanusa, Slovenia)  

  7. Modelling uncertainty, fuzzy situations and Grey Methodologies (Sifeng Liu, China; Yingjie Yang, UK; Alexander Ryjov, Russia)

  8. System Dynamics and agent simulation (Stefano Armenia, Italy; Sergey Malkov, Russia)