@2020 WOSC

Theme 2. The cybernetics of society, ecology and governance

Theme 2 Topics

  1. Governance of pressing global policy issues in the age of the Anthropocene (Ray Ison, Australia; Sandro Schlindwein, Brazil; Igor F. Kefeli, Russia)

  2. Social and economic transformations: simulation and anticipatory models of a CyberSystemic world (Sergio Barile, Italy; Askar Akaev, Russia; Alberto De Toni, Italy;    Marialuisa Saviano, Italy)

  3. Cultural context of Today's Systems (Bernard Scott, UK; Tatiana Medvedeva, Russia)

  4. Electronic democracy and digital self-organisation tools (Boris Slavin, Russia; Igor Perko, Slovenia)

  5. Consequences of the digital age; technology fuelled threats to people, systems and societies, the risks of a surveillance capitalism (Anatoliy Smirnov, Russia; Allenna Leonard, USA)

  6. The Westphalian Paradox; Global Governance and Sustainability (German Bula, Colombia, Clas-Otto Wene, Sweden, Raul Espejo, UK ) (Round Table)

  7. Self-organization and distributed control: theory and practice (Georgiy Malinetskiy, Russia; Angela Espinosa, UK)

  8. Citizenship and democracy (Zoraida Mendiwelso Bendek, UK; Matjaz Mulej, Slovenia)

  9. Organizing Society for the 21st Century. Is Democracy the Right Model? (Alexandre Perez Casares, Spain) (Round Table)