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Systems approach and cybernetics, engaging the future of mankind -

The significance of systems and cybernetics in the future of societies

 Due to the effects of the pandemic,
the 18th WOSC Congress will take place
27-30 September 2021 On-line


Re-aligning the WOSC Congress with Covid-19 effects

 Covid-19 has affected all of us deeply at a personal, organisational, national and global level. Some of you are already heavily engaged in activities related to suppressing its effects, others will probably participate in change processes after the events give way to a more normal life. It will require systemic and cybernetic insights to steer the new situation to an equilibrium that increases the chances of health, equality and viability to all stakeholders in society. 

  Regretfully, Covid-19 has modified the plans for the WOSC Congress as well. Due to the pandemic related national and international activities are being restricted and will continue to be restricted for some time.  Thereby, we have agreed to execute it in September 2021. WOSC’s 18th Congress will take place from 27. to 30. September 2021 On-line.

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